20, rue Romaine
L-9640 Boulaide
Grand-Duché du Luxembourg
Tél: +352 (269) 195 1
Industrial Engineer, graduate of the Institut Gramme, Liège
Professional experience
2000-.... : Consultant in management and IT, crisis manager
Serving clients in the automobile, construction, social, medical sectors, …
2013- :
Achieving full ERP for the lightweight medical transport metier
2010-2013 :
Consultant at the University Hospital of Liège (CHU), reporting directly to the Chief Executive
*  Reorganization of the Technical Department
*  Managerial and technical support for the Technical Department
2005- :
IT support for three non-profit organizations, achieving full ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).
1/1994-2004 : Member of the board, Technical Director
Within the Collignon group, 450 employees, 6 companies, and an annual turnover of 50 million EUROS.
Project manager for the Chief Executive.
Member of the board and Technical Director of several companies in the group.
9/1993–12/1993 : Consultant Engineer
Collignon Eng. LC: Reorganisation and IT needs’ analyses /study of requirements for reorganization and IT.
1985-93:     AGRI-FOOD SECTOR
Of Solarec LC, a member of the ULN (Bongrain) group.
General management of the company - with a staff of 86, of whom 20 employees, and five executives – having a turnover of 10 million EUROS.
1989-91 : Technical Director
Of Sud-Lait CS.
Head of production, planning, maintenance, logistics and quality control services.
1989-89 : Assistant Technical Director
1985-89 : Head of Production
Of Sud-Lait CS and also Head of Industrial IT
1981-85:     STEEL SECTOR
1985-85 : R&D Engineer
At Chertal (Cockerill‑Sambre band rolling-mill near Liège).
1981-84 : Maintenance Engineer
At Valfil (wire rolling-mill 75% owned by Cockerill-Sambre)
Also, deputy to the Head of Maintenance. The department, comprising 120 employees, dispensed an annual budget of EUR 7.5 million (excluding energy costs).
Education and Training
Secondary school : classical humanities, Latin-maths.
Graduate with distinction as an Industrial Engineer -Industry section,  Polyvalent training of the Institut Gramme, Liège, with a thesis in microprocessing –  (1981)
Complementary qualifications
ISO 9002Automation (BBC) and informatics (DEC).
Management (Eric Krauthammer).
Languages (ELM, CERAN and Institut Gramme).
Accountancy and balance-sheet analysis.
Management Module for security company managers.
Oracle: SQL and DBA.
VCA level 1 and 2.
Specific knowledge
Network micro-processing, hardware and software.
Windev and Webdev.
IT project management.
Analysis of data processing requirements.
Crisis management.Company creation.
Company management.
Site management.
Details of professional experience
Creation and management of companies and subsidiaries.
Responsible for implementing ISO 9002.
VCA management.
Implementation of cost accounting based on direct costs.
Requirement planning for human and material resources.
Prospection of new markets.
Management of technical services: logistics, production, quality control, maintenance, purchase, automation and data processing.
Management of administrative services: general accounting, cost accounting, finances, administration and personnel services.
Establishment of a team responsible for the technical management of the rolling mill.
Head of emergency breakdown repairs and maintenance for electrics, electronics, automation and thermics.
Installation of predictive maintenance.
Responsible for data processing developments.
Responsible for managing IT tools (several virtually interconnected local area networks).
Technical expertise in automation, home and building control and in various techniques using low current.
Establishment of totally integrated data processing (ERP): management of production workshops and the laboratory; logistics management, administrative tools, including general and cost accounting as well as payroll preparation.
Use of linear programming to optimize the upgrading of the raw material.
Design and realization of automation of new or modernized workshops.
Optimization of a mathematical model to determine the roughing parameters of the rolling mill
Other experience
Valfil : the production equipment was destroyed by fire (190 million EUROS of damage), 5.5 months for plant reconstitution, then sold to Chinese interests.
Assimilation of new techniques, organization of staff training.
Training of Chinese personnel in techniques used, emergency breakdown repairs and maintenance.
Chinese reception of the installations followed by dismantling.Redirection of staff after site closure.
Kiwanis (twice president, twice secretary, seven times treasurer and perpetual data base manager)
Road motorbiking, mountain-biking, ballroom-dancing, reading, travelling.
1991-93: Head Office Director